Valentine: Who Is Your True Valentine?

Are you aware of Who Is Your True Valentine?

Valentine someone who is close to your heart.

Soon approaching the month of February and most of the young girls and boys celebrate it as a month of Valentine. St. Valentine is a saint of the Catholic Church. This saint is misunderstood in many ways in the world. Here I am going to explain you the actual meaning of this great day.

If in India we look back the history says we find Valentine Day came to be known not longer than 15 years from now. This day became famous only because of those conservative people who in the name of LOVE opposed it and created a culture of hatred not love. Let me tell you church does not honour anyone as a saint till he/she goes through the process. And St. Valentine has known a saint who stood for love and human dignity. For example, the world knew Mother Teresa a saint of the gutter. But a church is still to recognise her as a saint. But on 5th September 2016, she will be officially a saint in the Church.

Many people know about Valentine Day, but very few know the real story of this great saint. If we Google on the net, we will find in different search engines presents different stories of this great soul. But I will give his life story in a very accessible form. Valentine was a Priest (Pujari) who was a very pious man and a man of prayer. He used to do all his church activities just like any other ordinary priest. He was a well-known priest in his country. There lived a king who wanted to marry a girl. The king was married, and he wanted to marry again and so Valentine opposed this marriage. The king put the valentine in prison and taught he would keep quiet, but Valentine did not agree with the king, and so the king ordered to behead Valentine and close his mouth forever.

Being as a priest of the parish Valentine stood for justice, love, peace and human dignity. But in today’s modern world we consider Valentine Day merely a day to propose the one whom we love, a day to celebrate and spend time with him/her, a day when we show our love in various ways by gifting something and being together for hours. And so it’s a day for lovers only… Sorry, that’s not the real meaning of Valentine Day.

Who is your Valentine?

The one whom you love the most is your Valentine. The one whom you have blind faith, the one with whom you feel most comfortable, the one with whom you wish to spend more time, the one whom you want to meet again and again, the one whom you don’t want to hurt, the one who is ready to understand you the best, the one on whom you trust the most is your Valentine.

1.  Your Mother

If you think that Valentine is all about love between a girl and a boy I am sure you are wrong. You are not going to disagree with me that no one on this earth can understand you as much as your mother under you. She is the most lovable person in the world that loves you unconditionally. All that I wrote in the above paragraph if it does not apply to your mum it means she is not your valentine. I believe the mother is the one to whom the child gets connected from the first day of a child’s conception. The moment you take the seed in your mother’s womb you are directly experiencing her love and care. The mother is the one who understands every movement of your action in her womb. She makes it sure that you are most comfortable even before you have taken birth and you come into this world. She is the one who sacrifices everything for you to see you are the best child in this world.

2. Your Father

It’s tough to believe, but it’s true that your father also shares the same platform to be your valentine too. A man with solid character, a man to whom you mostly avoid to speak, a man whom you are much afraid, a man to whom you use your mother to request for something you need, a man whom you think is very strict, a man with very rough and tough nature, a man who always stands behind your wellbeing is also truly your Valentine. It’s all because he is never forgotten he is very much a part of your life. Your father takes care of your every need. He is conscious of your dreams. Making sure that you reach to your aim and achieve your goals. He sacrifices his own happiness in order to make you happy.

3. Your Brother

Brothers are brothers, and you can not change this character. They take care of you, and they are much concern about you. If by chance you are smaller you will find them having a dominating nature, but it’s not the true. They are next to your father and so as your dad cares for you so they. By all means, they will see you are not in any dangerous situation. Normally brother is a sympathetic figure in a family, but he is a person who is the biggest support to you for many things and everything. The only condition is that you are willing to be opened to him and ready to share your feelings and willing to accept to him as your guide. This way he too is your Valentine.

4. Your Sister

A true figure in your family that connects you whom from your very childhood. A sister with whom you share the most of your childhood at home, fighting, sharing, making fun, disturbing, pulling legs, etc. But be sure somewhere in your heart you love her the most. Remember the days of Raksha Bandhan she ties a thread on your hands. It is just not a thread but a knot that you share throughout your life. The knot that symbolises your love and care for her, a tie that gives her assurance that you; she stands against your dad to support and encourage you because she is your biggest strength so never forget she too is your Valentine.

5. You Friends

Friendship is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life. The main problem is this modern world is we are very narrow-minded. Many times it can happen that people can take friendship relations to the wrong direction. Very often the society will ask you a question, can a boy and a girl be friends. It all depends on how we take this friendship. If our mind is clean, our taught are pure; our wisdom allows us to respect each other then I am sure it’s one of the best friendship I can have in the world. But all depends on have we carried away by the society, and it’s taught.

6. Your Own Teachers

Do you believe that your teachers can be on the list of being your Valentine? My personal feelings are a teacher the best Valentine we can have in our life. They are the one who loves you the most. Teachers are next to God, and so they play a significant role in our life. They are our mentor, guide, helper, friend and above all a strong support. The only thing we have to ask ourselves do we believe our teachers, love them, respect them and consider them the best part of our life. Teachers are the best person in our life who are our mentor, guide, friend, philosopher. In this way, they too are our Valentine.

All those whom you can LOVE are your Valentine.


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