Suicide: 6 Things Or Something Else?

What To Do When You Feel Committing Suicide?

Very often we find people with broken heart and depression. They failed in life and see no way out. They think that there is nothing in life is left and have the only solution is suicide. Let me tell you one thing that we never understand before taking this step. It’s very simple when we have no power in life to give someone life. How can we take the life of oneself? As we roll the pages of the newspapers we find suicide case are day by day increasing. If a child does not get good marks. When a child is scolded. If a person is unhappy because he is rejected. If he is unable to achieve what he want, the only solution is suicide. I am writing this blog for you so that you may understand the power of life. This life is the most precious gift of you have received from God. Whenever you have any problem, you are in an awkward situation remember people around you. Let discuss things what can avoid such steps.

1. Love Yourself

The main problem with us is we are busy loving others. We make sure that others are not hurt by us. When we love others we forget to love ourselves. The main reason is we try to find your happiness in others. If others love us we are happy. How many times we have given time to ourselves. Our happiness is in our hands and we tend to look it elsewhere. First, we should be happy. We have to decide if I want to be happy or sad. I am the master of my life. I am the best person to decide what is going to happen in my life. So this is going to be a decision to be taken by me only.

2. Talk to Others

There can be times in life when we are not in a situation to face problems. It is also possible that in such situation you find no way out to your problems. The best thing we can do in such situation is to sit back for some moment. Try to identify a person with whom we can sit and talk. A very dear person who is able to understand me. Who is rally support me and guide me? The main problem in our life is we think nobody is there to help. The real thing is we have not found anyone so close to us that we can share what we have in mind. It’s also said sharing is dividing our own problem with others and lighting our own weights with others. You have to be very clear with your aim in life and only then others can help you.

3. Never compare yourself with Others

In life, the biggest mistake we do is comparing ourselves with others without thinking the individual difference in mind. In fact, it’s not our own problem because a comparison is given to us as a gift by our parents even at the time when we were doing our studies. Comparing your results with others have made your thinking so low that has made a negative effect on your personal life.

4. Have Faith in Oneself

Life is not as easy as we often see. We have to undergo many ups and downs only then success comes our way. Success and defeat are part of life. We have to be ready to accept success as well as defeat in life. If we are not able to achieve our goal we should never get disappointed. Getting disappointed is not the solution for life. We have to keep working and striving towards our goal. This is only possible if you have faith in yourself only. Problem Exists How To Get Motivated when you feel demotivated.

5. Be Courageous

In life, we have to be courageous to accept any situation that comes on our way. At times People take advantage of yourself because we are not courageous to stand by our own self. God helps those who help themselves. We have to be able to understand the hidden talents within ourselves. We have to identify the hidden talents and give our best on them. We have to be sure of one thing. If we are not able to find them out nobody can be a help to us. So having self-courage is very important in life. We fail to understand that life has many ups and downs. But we always try to see success in everything we do. We are never ready to fail and learn from that failure and do things in a better way.

6. Keep Your Self Busy

We are well aware that an empty mind is a house of a devil. This phrase does not go in vain when we have negative taught come into ourselves. We should keep ourselves busy in a creative way that is helpful even to the society. Empty mind creates junk it does not produce anything positive. So we should arrange our life in a way that keeps us busy working and helping others. We should be open to the world and see in what way I am useful. This kind of thinking makes you more productive and helps you to live a better life.

It’s very important that we realize that we are the master of our life. Also, we have to keep one thing that only we have total control of our own life. So always be positive, think positive, be creative, do well and help others. Make your presence in the society felt because every drop of water in an ocean is very important.

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