12 Things Sucessful Teacher Do Very Differently

So what makes a common teacher a successful teacher? For a student, his school life is the most important part. He remembers the way he used to learn, and he remembers the way he was encouraged by his teachers. He also remembers his ways he used to complete his work and present himself front of his teachers. He will also remember those teachers who were splendid and understanding towards him. Successful teachers, who supported him, gave him proper guidance in his needs. He recognizes those teachers who did injustice to him or misbehaved with him for silly reasons. And so this way it’s seen how a teacher is successful in his journey in life. What students take away from a strong education usually centers on a personal connection with a teacher who instilled passion and inspiration for their subject. It’s difficult to measure success, and in the world of academia, educators are continually re-evaluating how to quantify learning. But the first and most important question to ask is:


Are teachers teaching their students successfully as a very successful teacher? Is successful teacher able to understand their students and educate them in the way they are to be educated?

Things Successful Teachers Do Differently

Having Clear Objectives

For a teacher, his goals play a significant role. During the teachers training before they teach how to teach, what to teach two different types of objectives are taught. Specific Objectives and General Objective are critical of the lesson plan that gives a teacher a clear purpose. Very commonly it’s said that specific objectives are short-term goals and they should be reached in a particular time and a single class. But we know general objectives are long term goals which may be or may not be achieved by a teacher in his student’s lifetime. In the world of education, your objectives for your students act as road signs to your destination. Your plan is the map. Making a plan does not suggest a lack of creativity in your curriculum but rather, gives creativity a framework in which to flourish. So its important for a teacher to plan and have a clear objective before he takes a class or teach students something for life. Going without aim has no meaning but having clear aims and objects in life makes life more easy and successful.

Have a Sense of Purpose

A day if I decide to go somewhere that will make no sense unless I am very clear about why I am going. So for a successful teacher it’s very important to have is sense of purpose very clear. Life does not go as and how we think. If I have my daily breakfast the purpose behind it is to keep healthy and energetic throughout the day so that I am not tired and I do my work well. Every action has a reaction and so we have to have clear purpose in everything we do in life. Teachers with a sense of purpose that are able to see the big picture can ride above the hard and boring days because their eye is on something further down the road. We have to build our life with long term goals not short term goals and we even enjoy in long term goals as they are part of our life.

Ability to Live without Immediate Feedback

A successful teacher is always open to feedback. Feedback is hard to accept but they are reality of life. For a teacher they should always think that they are in the class for the students. The mistake we make in understanding is that students are in the class for the teachers. So if we are not able to go along with the demand of the class our teaching will have no meaning. A teacher can be very good in teaching and planning but it will be of no use if sitting and planning for hours does not have any effect in the classroom outcome. There is nothing worse than sweating over a lesson plan only to have your students walk out of class without so much as a smile or a, “Great job teach!” It’s hard to give 100% and not see immediate results. During teaching and learning a teacher should be able to understand his students by seeing them he should be able to sense the class. Having eye to eye contact it makes easy for a teacher to understand that the students are following his learning or not.

Ability to know when to Listen and when to Ignore

Once thing should be clear in any profession one has to have the ability to say ‘No’. In modern times we find that students look into their own easy ways. Many times they demand for some silly things. For example give an assignment they will have many reasons to extend the dates for submission. They need extended dates but if logically you ask them they will have no logical answer to support their stand. This way students will have many things to say and many excuse to give but a good successful teacher will always use his wisdom and judge. He/she will always be ready to listen what is valid and ignore what is not valid. On the other hand a teacher who is never ready to listen to his students will be a bigger frailer in life. Teacher should be flexible and should use his prudency in judging things in a right way.

Ability of having Positive Attitude

A teacher should always have a positive attitude because his positivity revolves around his students. Negative energy brings negativity and its not good for the environment. Good teachers always never reflect their mood, personal problems or setbacks in front of their students. Its very important for a teacher to keep his personal problems at home and enter the school campus with a fresh and free mind. If the teacher is filled with positive attitude he will pass it on the same to his students. Many times teachers try it not to show but his actions and reactions gives a reflection of such things and that is not healthy for the teacher nor the students even its not good for the environment he/she is working in. so being positive and having positive attitude is one of the best quality of a successful teacher.

Expect their Students to Succeed

The tree is known by its seeds. So if the teacher has an expectation with his students that they will succeed its sure they will. Teacher will prepare the students for this success. For a student’s success it’s not the only responsibility of the teacher but the same responsibility is of the parents and the student itself. Student’s success is on the teacher because the students always need someone to believe in them. Teacher will be the best person for this. Teachers should set a bar high and create an environment for the students that he is able to compete with others. Teachers should always motivate the students until they reach the expectation set by them. Once thing has to always be kept in mind that there is no limit for expectation and this limit can be achieved only with regular practice and being focused on goal.

Teachers should have a Sense of Humor

We all know that humor in life makes a person happy and content. Humor helps a person to forget his past, sad, and unpleasant moments and get adjusted with others in any situation. It also helps in reducing stress and frustration and gives a chance to be open and lead a happy life. Humor also is a way to understand and see negative things in a positive way. Many times it happens that we are unhappy but if humor is mixed in life the sadness can be taken out of that part of life and we can live a pleasant life. Teachers should always arrange his class in such a way that students don’t find it boring.

Ability to use Praise Authentically

For teachers their students are their encouragement and so students need regular encouragement time to time. Teachers get encouragement when they see their own students growing well and doing something good in the society. Many times it does no good to praise students work when a teacher knows it is only fifty percent of what they are capable of. Teachers don’t want to create an environment where there is no praise or recognition; they want to create one where the praise that you offer is valuable BECAUSE you use it judiciously. Praising one is giving him an award for what good he has done but this praise should come to the right person at the right time. It gives a boost to the person’s career.

Ability to take Risks

Every risk is behind every success because unless one takes a risk nothing new can come out. If Indian government had not taken risk of caring out nuclear test India would have never been a known as a successful nuclear power. We have to remember that countries imposed ban on India for many things but India stood strong. The same goes to say for a teacher too unless he takes a risk of believing in his own students and their ability success would not be their way. There is a wise saying that reads, “Those who go just a little bit too far are the ones who know just how far one can go.” Risk-taking is a part of the successful formula. Your students need to see you try new things in the classroom and they will watch closely how you handle failure in your risk-taking. This is as important as what you are teaching.

Successful Teachers are Reflective

For a successful teacher it is very important to be reflective. Reflection opens the door to know and understand oneself in what he is doing and do him/her wants to have a change. In order to avoid becoming the stuck and stubborn teacher, successful educators take time to reflect on their methods, their delivery, and the way they connect with their students. It is good to sit back for a while and give some reflective taught to the way and style we do take ourselves in the class room. Your day to day activity and the new modern technology are they having any impact for a better change in life. Reflection is necessary to uncover those weaknesses that can be strengthened with a bit of resolve and understanding.

Communicating with Parents

Teachers should be a good communicator with the parents. Having good communication with them they can handle many situations jointly. Even if the child knows his teacher is in direct connection with his parents he too will leave few margins or error. Collaboration between parents and teachers is absolutely crucial to a student’s success. The patents can share their will and desire and also know what the teacher is thinking about the child. Therefore its important to create an open path of communication so parents can come to the teachers with their concerns and teachers can do the same. When a teacher and parents present a united front, there is a lower chance that your student will fall through the cracks. Successful teachers always keep in mind that they have to have strong communication with their students as well as their parents.

Enjoying their Work

Its easy to get into a work and spending time but its very difficult to be in a work in which you are unable to enjoy it. Teaching is one of such challenging work that its compulsory for the teachers to enjoy it only then they will be able to enjoy the true spirit of the work. It is easy to spot a teacher who loves their work. They seem to emanate contagious energy. Even if it on a subject like advanced calculus, the subject comes alive. If you don’t love your work or your subject, it will come through in your teaching. Try to figure out why you feel so unmotivated and uninspired. It might have nothing to do with the subject, but your expectations. Adjust them a bit and you might find your love of teaching come flooding back. Adjusting in a work and doing it because we have no other option has no answer to enjoy the work. We have to be opened and fully dedicated towards the work we are doing that shows how much we are loving and enjoying our work.


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