Teacher Role: 7 Distance Role of a Teacher

The role of a Teacher in Distance Education.

In today’s life distance learning is playing an important role for those who want to update their knowledge. We are well aware that many times it’s not possible for a student to attend classes. To avoid attending regular courses, people opt for distance education. The new generation is now moving towards online learning. Online learning is an open source that helps the learners. The role of a teacher in distance learning is also as important as the subject the student is trying to learn and achieve his degree.

We all know that we are living in the fast changing world. Day by day we are changing. The study concepts are changing. The modern society is not the same. We find things changing very fast. Nowadays being a teacher is not only bound to teach but also to be a mentor, guide, friend and a supporter. These changes are fast growing in the society, and so we too have to move with these changes and contribute to the society. Today humanity has access to the immense resource available. It’s not only school or college hours we can find our study materials in the library, but now it’s all online through internet facility. It’s a time when it demands to make knowledge better for students as well as teachers. Today receiving the education is very individual and all on my personal choice. I am the master of my thoughts. I am going to decide what I need for my future. 


Teacher’s Role in Distance Education

 1. Assume Responsibility

Very often we have to understand in the distance learning the student has come to us with many difficulties and problems are we there ready to solve them as much as possible. In the distance learning, a learner has taken admission but when he comes for a counseling class or he is online for an interaction session with the teacher we should be responsible towards our work, and we have to be prepared and willing to give my best.

2. Keep Students on their Work

In the distance learning, it’s not possible for a teacher to complete the course or the teaching material in the given time. We have to see that as teachers we are ready to keep students on their work and be there guide and help.

3. Be Aware of their Needs

In distance learning classes a teacher has to assume the needs of the students. We have to believe that the students don’t give much time for studies and so they may not be ready with materials for learning. We as teachers should be aware of the content and what we feel is difficult should prepare for the class so that if the child does not raise the questions, we should take some initiative and solve or discuss them in the class.

4. Build Student Motivation

For a teacher, it’s critical that he/she creates students motivation. We have to praise the students when they do something good, and even when they don’t fair in a task, we should be their support and guide. Every word from the teacher has lots of meaning for the students, so we have to keep motivating and encouraging them.

5. Establish an Effective Environment

 It’s all for the teacher to keep his class environment as he wants. A teacher has to take care of the classroom environment. He has to make sure that it is so conducive that the students feel free to interact with their teachers and also they can interact with their self. Interactive class always brings lots of opinion and ideas. It’s also a good chance for the teacher to know many things and update his personal knowledge.

6. Respect Individual Differences

As educators, we have to make one thing very clear for any class that every child is unique and his role too will differ with others. We can find in the same classroom students from well to do family and some for the low-income family. There is always a possibility that they all are from different family backgrounds and atmosphere. So as the teacher we have to respect them and accept them as they are.

7. Get Feedback

Its important for a teacher to take feedback from the students. It is going to help him for a better future planning and his personal growth. Feedback is not easy to accept. I am sure it can be painful, hurting as many time students can say what you don’t expect, but it’s critical that as a teacher I am ready to reflect and give time for a change. Taking feedback is as important as it will help in improving the teaching standard. Feedback is helpful for a teacher to plan his next class better. It’s a chance for a teacher to know what he has to change and what is the required to change for the students.


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