Guidelines to present Kothari Commission on Secondary Education for Examination

Guidelines to present Kothari Commission on Secondary Education for Examination

Indian Education Commission (1964-1966), mostly known as Kothari Commission on Secondary Education, was a step by the government of India to evaluate the educational system in India. The commission was formed on 14th July 1964. The chairmanship of the commission was Daulat Singh Kothari (D.S. Kothari), then the chairman of the University Grants Commission. The report was submitted by the commission on 29th June 1966.

  • It began its work on 2nd October 1964
  • Submitted its report on 29th June 1966
  • It consisted of 16 Members 11 Indians and 5 Foreign experts
  • The main focus was to improve the Secondary Education in India

Aims of the Commission

Purpose of the Commission  

The main task of the Commission was to advise the Government on the national pattern of education and on the general policies for the development of education at all stages(ranging from the primary to post(graduate stage and in all its aspectsbesides e$amining a host of educational problems in their social and economic contest.

Areas in which Commission worked on

The Commission set up 12 Task Forces and 7 Working Groups

Task Forces

  1. School Education
  2. Higher Education
  3. Technical Education
  4. Agricultural Education
  5. Science Educational and Research
  6. Adult Education
  7. Teacher Training and Teacher Status
  8. Student Welfare
  9. New Technique and Methods
  10. Man Power
  11. Educational Administration
  12. Educational Finance

Working Groups

  1. Women’s Education
  2. Education of the Backward Classes
  3. School Community Relations
  4. Buildings
  5. Community Relations
  6. Statistics
  7. Pre-primary Education
  8. School Curriculum

Recommendation of the Commission 

  1. Establishment
  2. Enrolment
  3. Vocationalisation
  4. Part-time-Education
  5. Girls Education
  6. Planning and Location
  7. Curriculum
  8. Language Formula
  9. Class Size
  10. Guidance
  11. Evaluation
  12. Teachers
  13. Administration
  14. Social and National Integration
  15. Structure and Duration
  16. Structure of School Education
  17. Place of English

Merits of the Commission

De-merits of the Commission


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