Failing Examinations : 10 Reasons to Ponder on

CAUSES Of Students Failing in Examinations.  

Bihar Board witnessed a very poor percentage result in the current year 2017. We have heard about Passing Examination. The term Failing Examinations is not acceptable in the society. People even see it as a matter of insult. From the time India has seen CCE major problems have erupted. School administration is facing a serious problem of not having a free hand to detain students below class VIII. A recent meeting held by the HRD minister in April 2017 has taken stock of this problem. No suitable solution has been found out and the matter is left to different state governments. We have to take a strong and firm decision is awaited. The present meeting has given a free hand to the stated to decide the detention policy.

I personally think that the Government has to take a strong step and give a free hand to the school administration. The teachers should have the freedom to detain those students who are not doing well in their regular classes. The examination should not be limited to a three hours subject but should be continuous. Many people may not agree on the concept of Comprehensive Continuous Evaluation. But this is one of the best ways to keep a constant check on the students.

Pass Graph in Intermediate Results of Bihar

2012   90.74

2013    88.04

2014    76.20

2015    87.45

2016    62.19

2017    35.24

This graf is a true indication of the falling and of the percentage passing students in Bihar Board. This is not a very positive signal for the society.

Reason Behind falling Results

We are always ready to find faults in the system and things that happen around us. But we always fail to introspect the reasons behind the situation. Finding out shortcomings in a system is very easy. Our focus should also be on finding solutions to the problems.

1. Students, not Serious Regarding Studies

Most of the time it has been found that the students are not serious about their studies. Very often we see schools empty in the second hours of the class timings. The first hour the classes are filled because the students want to take advantage of the different scheme of the government. The government provides Mid-Day Meal, Scholarship, Free Uniform, FreeCycle, These are the various schemes that bring students to schools. But the attraction is only to achieve 75% of attendance to gain the privilege of these schemes.

2. No Detention Policy

One of the major reasons for keeping the students free and tension free is having No Detention Policy. This is giving the students an easy run. Students are well aware that the teachers are bound to pass them and nothing is going to stop them going to the next class. Many schools even don’t conduct any examination to evaluate the students. Schools are bound to pass each and every student of the class and promote them to the next class.

3. Hard Work Required

No success can come without hard work. These days students just go to school and have some time pass. Many students just depend on coaching the attend. Coaching makes them ideal not to take an interest in the regular classes. These days we find students don’t go for quality education. They are just thinking about degrees and mark sheet that is filled with marks. School life gives away to the students to work in life but we see this is the time when students are not very serious in their studies. This is what makes them lazy and they don’t pay attention to the hard work they have to give.

4. Busy in Other Activities

We find many students busy in other activities leaving their daily studies. We are in an age of the smartphone. These days every child has a demand to have a smartphone in their hand. Smart Phone has become a symbol of prestige and status. Many students took take school education so seriously. Parents, Teachers, and the school administration are constantly thinking about the progress of the child. But the same child is least bothered about his own future. He thinks life is as easy as the way he is living just like operating a smartphone. Playing with fingers on a pad where they think life is all about.

5. Wastage of Time and Energy

Many students just dream of success without taking a step to achieve it. They think is an easy affair of life that will come to them so easily. They forget that there is no shortcut to success. However, many students only desire for pleasure and fun during their school time.  They go for coaching and spend lots of time outside the home. Coming home, they are so tired that hardly they can time sufficient time for studies. Time is wasted, and they are unable to achieve their goals in life. Students always forget that gone time is never reversed.

6. Fail to have Clear Choice

Many people in life fail to make a clear choice. For them, life goes as easy as they see it. Once they are 18 or 19 years old they think they are top of the world. This is the time for them to have fun and take live very easy. They are very much influenced by their peer group. What a member of the group does all will try to follow him as a mark of respect for their friendship. They fail to see that life is much beyond their friendship. This creates a vacuum in their life and they are unable to think for the long term. I don’t say friendship is not good. The main thing is that I live my life successfully where I am able to support my own family. We have to decide the goal of our life according to the line we are going to take for our own future. Any wrong decision is always harmful to any long run. It also affects our personal development. 

7. Poor Language Skills

It’s normally seen that people don’t take care of language subjects in during their schooling. They learn language subjects just as a normal subject to pass any examination. Today communication skills are very important for life. Many students come to know this when they put their steps in real professional life. Success or failure of a student is depended on the mastery of the language during his college life. Normally we see that a student must be able to write, to speak, and to listen and understand what is communicated to him effectively. Being ineffective in even one of these language abilities can lead to academic difficulties. Many time students prepare themselves for any competitive examination but they are not able to understand very easy concepts. Until and unless the concept is very clear it’s very difficult to cope up with any kind of studies. Passing examination is not a very big challenge but being able to sustain in life is very important. Life does not about mark its about success and success comes only if a person has good language skills. 

8. Personal Standard Quality

During the school life, the total responsibility of a student is in the hands of a teacher. Many times students take admission to gain some certificates and degree. This leads them to a wrong choice of the school. In such schools, their attendance is never a matter of importance. They go attend the classes only when and as they wish. It is possible that they go to school for only those classes which they think is important for life. This does not help them in having a personal standard quality for life. They move with the concept that they will achieve success in life just as life comes. They frequently overestimate their understanding of the class material and the quality of their written work. This brings down their standard quality in life. 

9. Fail to Assume Responsibility

Students are nowadays seeking for full freedom. No one should say anything to them in any part of life. They look for freedom in their day to day life and day to day activity. The choice is presented regarding the use of time, personal habits, social activities, even whether or not to attend class or do assignments. Today smartphones are playing a vital role in a student’s life. These smartphones are making life very easy for them. For example, if a student does his class homework or assignment he will pass the whole content to his friends. Now it’s the greater job of the friends to have no responsibility towards their assignment and just cut, copy and paste the material and present it to their teacher. Even without understanding the content for their future examinations. 

10. Understanding Psychological Problems

For many students school and college life is just for fun and time pass. The other side for many it’s time for growth and development. It’s time to learn and achieve great success for the future. It’s a time to establish emotional independence from parents. Time to look for their personal goals. Time to establish a relationship with peer groups. This all plays as psychological problems in their life. I term it as a psychological problem as it all demands for age-related tasks. Any wrong decision can dome their life forever. They have to be strong and be able to make a good decision. 

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