Examination Preparation: Ten Tips of Studies

Examination Preparating

Are you preparing for exams?

Time for Examination and you are tensed and thinking of your success. I taught of bringing these tips which I am sure are going to help you. These tips are doing to be very useful for the upcoming examination. They will help you to attain hundred immediate successes. Reading this blog is not going to help you. Just make sure you are going to implement these tips. They are essential for your lifetime. Be free to share this blog with others if it’s helpful too.  

I am sure you are busy getting ready for your upcoming examinations. This blog is going to present some useful tips which I am sure will help you to enhance your preparation. Time for Examination and you are tensed and thinking of your success. I taught of bringing these tips which I am sure are going to help you not only to prepare for the upcoming examination but also to attain hundred immediate successes. Just don’t read it but implement them in your life and if you feel it has personally helped you just share it with others too.

1. Give Time for Daily Studies

Students wait for the last moment preparation and end up with depression and confusion. They study late night and get up early morning to study. This practice is very harmful to them. Daily study is must for a healthy competition. Studying at the last moment is not a good practice. I would never advice such studies that are going to be very harmful. You have to prepare a daily timetable for your study time. Note it down and paste it on the wall near your study table. Your schedule will remind you your commitment to your daily studies. Give more time to the subjects you are weak. Also never ignore the topics you are not interested. Then organize your study time accordingly. You may want to give some issues extra time for studies than others. Try to create a proper balance that will make you feel comfortable.

2. Have a Special Place to Study

Ensure that you have a special place for studies. This place is going to be helpful for you to organize your textbooks and notes you have. Also going to give you the freedom to spread your materials as you like. You should have a comfortable chair and a table to study. See that you have a proper light that is not going to hard your eyes. Make sure study place you have no play material that will distract you from your studies. See that you are free from all distractions. You should be very comfortable that will make you focus on your studies. Some people like to study in a very calm atmosphere. On the very another handsome like to have some light music in the background. Make sure your study place is neat and tidy. Make sure nothing distracts you around during your studies.  

3. Use Diagrams, Flow Charts, and Pictures

I believe in the modern age of learning your teacher have used diagrams, flow charts, and photos during her class. Many teachers use videos and audios too. Just to create some interest in students also it helps in retention. Writing what you know, presenting the matter in flow charts are one of the best ways to study. Many times you may not recall what you have studied, but it will be easy to remember what you wrote or draw during your studies. Once you organize your studies this way during the examination period, you have just to pick up this paper to see what you had considered earlier. Diagrams are going to help you to get your ideas in a concise format that will be very helpful to remember for a long time.

4. Solve the Old Past Papers

Solving the old past papers will be one of the best practice you could do before the examination. Old papers are going to give you an idea of the question pattern. It will also help you to know how long you are taking to solve the paper. You will find the different questions asked in the past papers that will make you ready to face any problems in the examination. The old articles are going to give you a clear idea of how much time you need to pay attention to a particular challenge.

5. Take Help of Others

Anyone is not perfect in his lifetime. We all need someone or the other to help us in our growth. When you are studying, you can take the help of your parents, little brothers and sisters at home. You can allow them to ask you questions related to your content and you have to be very honest to reply them enable them to ask you related issues, and you have to try your best to give them the correct answer. Always keep in mind the questions they asked you were unable to say give such questions more time.

6. Create Study Groups 

Always remember knowledge is the more we share the more we gain. It’s a good way to share knowledge with others by creating our own study group. We have to keep in mind that every child his not as genious as others are. Individual differences play a very great role in every child. Its good to have a study group where we are free to share our doubts, clear our mistakes and over come our shiness and have confidence of speaking to others. It can be possible in a regular class we are abstent in a day. It can be we have to miss a class due to some activity of the school and so the notes given in that class can be covered in the study group very easily. Its a way to grow with the help of others. 

7. Breaks are Must During Studies 

We have heard that a mind is very weak and so it can concentrate for a very short span of time. We can study for long hours but its true that the retaintion power goes down. To retain and sustain the content mater regular breaks are very helpful for a studuent during his studies. During these breaks he can listen to some light musich, talk and discuss with someone or share his taughts with others. During the break try to entertain yourself and do not keep the breaks very long. It is a time to relax and keep your body cool and mind fresh. 

8. Refarin From Junk Food 

Junk food is never healthy for body. So we have to keep ourself away for every kind of junk food. Junk food can be a result that you want to eat something without giving proper time to cooking. If we want to stay healthy always keep in mind that we have to cook our food in a regular basis and always eat fresh food. Keep your body and brain well-satisfied and concume nutitious foods only. This is going to help you in concentation and help you to have a sharp memory. Have good meal and eat before you move out for examination so that during the examination your mind is not on your empty stomach. Have elough energy that helps you to be active. 

9. Plan Well For your Examination 

When you are preparing for your examination keep one thing in mind that you keep everything ready well in advance. Don’t leave things for the last moment and then you realize what you have forgotton that can mess you up in the last moment. Keep every material you need for your examination ready and have a check before you leave your home. Have proper rest and see that you enjoy going for the examination. Check all the rules and requirements, and plan your route and journey so that you don’t have any problem to reach your examination center. If possible have a test drive oen day before you go for your exmaination to your center that will help you know the total time you need to reach there. You could also make plans to travel to the examination center with friends or classmates. This will also be helpful to have some chit chat on the way and revise your syllabus. 

10. Drink Plenty of Water

In your daily need our body needs plent of water. It helps us againt being dehydrated. Water gives the body a balance to be healthy and fit. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is very good. Many doctors do advice to have plenty of water when we are doing some work.

Good luck!

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