Blogging: 7 Reason Why It Is Important?

The Best Way To Earn Money Via Blogging. Learn How And Why.

* Out of 100% bloggers in this beautiful world almost 55% bloggers are 20-35-year-old in age.

* 67% people on this earth likes to read recommendations based on blogs before purchasing any products.

* 90% popularity earned by a business company in term of a customer. This is due to daily updating information on their blog.

*Almost 97% internet users read at least one blog a day.

Now we will see “what is the reason for starting a blog” and “why we should start blogging“.

  1. Blogging Is Very Easy:

As a blogger, before starting my blogging website. I was very confused that how will I manage my time. Will I be able to post regularly? Is it possible perfectly to set up my blog website? Lots of such other question started striking me as soon as I thought to start my blog. But I was a bit confident; somehow I managed to start my first blogging website. After starting my blog slowly at first but eventually, I learned a lot of things. I learned everything almost that how to make your site with ease. Now the best thing is that I started with zero knowledge, but now I can suggest someone who is willing to open his or her website. Even a dairy writer who knows a little bit of English can easily start his or her blogging website. It looks complicated at first, but in reality, it’s the easiest thing to do. As you don’t need to invest a lot of time for blogging. Some of the best blogger in this world spends 2 hours daily, and they are running an excellent blogging website with millions and millions of viewers and subscribers.

  1. For Making Online Money:

Ok fine!. If you wish to earn some money as a side income then blogging is best for you. Some of the best blogger makes an enormous amount of money every month. Harsh Aggarwal from India is someone who makes 1 million dollars every month. This is just an example, but an opportunity is more out there. You can make a decent earning for living by just writing few hours daily on some topic and then posting it on your blogging website. Making money from blogging is a slow process most of the time, but eventually, with the help of good content, you can earn more and more. But if you don’t have any interest in writing blog then just don’t start blogging just for making money online cause after some days you will be fed up writing the post every day.

  1. Enhancing Your Knowledge:

If you are someone who likes to learn new things just for fun and experience then blogging is all for you. This is not because you write something but just because you hear a lot of facts and information while posting a post as you collect information related to your job. If I will talk about me then earlier before starting my blog, I was someone who loves to sleep only.But after starting my blog, I started collecting information related to my post and thus able to build huge emirates of information within me. So blogging is best for those who wish to learn new things every day. Blogging also provides you with an excellent platform for sharing your knowledge with others people all around the world. You just have to post whatever information you have.

  1. Meeting New People:

A very positive thing about writing blog is that it gives you a very ample opportunity to meet new people every day. I interacted with some of the awesome people who is having similar thinking as like me. I explored almost a much strange world where people are confused they are demotivated, talking and helping such people always made me feel good, and blogging is the medium for promoting them. Meeting new people not only help you in interacting stranger but sometimes you meet such peoples who even becomes a good friend or the right partner.

  1. Broaden Thinking:

You will be better day by day. Yes! Blogging, not only enhances knowledge but it also broadens the way we think. As soon as I started blogging, I started feeling motivated too. Yes sometimes at some point in time you will feel demotivated, but with the power of knowledge that you have earned from blogging, you can overcome such thinkings too. You will be more productive than earlier. The ability to think clearly and appropriately. It’s most important that you will start thinking deeply on any topic and from there you will start changing yourself. These habits develop automatically without any prior effort. You will be able to write correctly. Easy contest and other such competition will be easier for you. You will develop a wholesome knowledge.

  1. Increased Confidence:

If you are similar to other geeks who feel shy to go to some place and talk to strangers, then it’s time to change yourself. This world is full of competition, and if you are the shy guy, then this is taken as a negative part of your personality. So it’s always better to separate yourself from this shy type word. This can be done again by writing whatever you think and sharing that with others. Slowly you will start sharing a lot of things to other strangers, and eventually, you will see that a lot of shyness is decreased within you. So if you wish to build a self-confidence within you then yes! You are on the right track. You just need to keep moving forward.

  1. Motivation For Others:

People always like such individuals who inspire them. In a survey, we find that 63% people start hating others just because they are demotivated. Now the fact is that in this beautiful world everyone is busy doing his or her work on time, and to do so, they get frustrated at times. So if you have something to inspire this world with your words then why to wait? It’s better to start blogging and start sharing something which will again help some people out there who are feeling demotivated and clueless. This will not only assist them in, but it will also let you feel good for such acts. My writing may help other or not, but I feel magnificent even if a single person on this earth feels good after reading it. Another such a great blogger is Harsh Agrawal who write posts for new bloggers. His post is very inspiring. So in this world, those who have done something extraordinary they are motivation for others that if a normal boy like Harsh Agarwal and me can become the best blogger entrepreneur then why don’t you?

  1. Exploring Creativity:

We always think “what creativity is about?” But we never asked our-self that what we like to do. Some people like reading books then, on the other hand, some like writing books. The book is the same, but a view of its user is different. So it’s better to think wisely, and so similarly blogging gives you a fantastic opportunity to explore yourself. When I started writing posts for my blog at that time, I was not having excellent ideas for my blog. I just started writing blog cause I like writing things and sharing it with others and now I feel good to write because I explored my hidden talent within me. So blogging is the best way of exploring yourself.

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